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What should you be posting on Instagram? - Black Ginger Design
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What should you be posting on Instagram?

Oct 18 2016

What should you be posting on Instagram?

My favourite social media platform at the moment is Instagram, both for business and personal use. I could sit there for hours trawling through different images of workspaces, logo inspiration, other designers work, fashion, I could go on and on.


I will be the first to admit it is sometimes a challenge to maintain a consistent presence on social media particularly if you are a busy freelancer like me, but this is why I love Instagram, a few taps and you can have updated your followers with what is going on with your business.


What should you post though? I have put together a list of ideas but first a few tips to remember to keep you on track:


  • Post regularly to keep your followers interested and engaged.
  • Stay on brand, don’t just post something random because you haven’t posted in a  few days.
  • The best way to make sure you post the right content is to schedule it in advanced.


Behind the scenes

Trust me people are intrigued, show your followers a sneak peak at a project you are working on, your home office or some footage from an event you attended. Potential clients will enjoy seeing how its done and an existing client will be excited to see a a glimpse of the project you are working on for them.


Quotes or inspirational messages

Who doesn’t love a famous quote to inspire them for the rest of their day? Try linking it to your own values or mission statement to give your followers an insight to what your brand is about. Use a nice image, preferably your own and overlay it with some attractive hand lettering or a clever font pairing. You can do this quite easily using an app like Canva or Pablo, alternatively you could get creative with some fridge magnet letters, post it notes or even spaghetti shapes!


Styled Images 

Also known as flat lay images, a massive trend at the moment and are exactly what they sound like. You simply lay your product out flat and take a shot from an aerial point of view. You can decorate the image with flowers, food, techy items whatever suits your brand. With a bit of practice you can end up with some really creative images.


Call to actions

A great way to engage your audience, you could ask a question, let them know about a new product or service on your website, hold a competition, ask for followers to use a hashtag related to your business or simply give some free advice/tutorials using the video option.



If like me you are a solo-entrepreneur it is pretty easy to be human on social media but if you own a company with multiple employees operating under a company name this can be a bit more challenging. All businesses large or small can use Instagram to showcase their amazing workforce, share how you give back to the community and highlight charities your support. Offering an inside look at this side of your business will build trust and show authenticity.


Start a series

After a month or so of regular posts you will be able to use the insights tool to see what your most popular posts are. Using this information will then allow your to dedicate a particular day to your most popular content, #throwbackthursday or #motivationmonday for instance.


Shout outs

Social media is all about being social after all so if you have been to someones event, restaurant, shop or been inspired by a blog then post about it on your account to applaud them and say thank you, this allows your followers to discover them too and they may repay the favour at a later date.

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